Intellisite Portal Support

Our encrypted portal provides 24/7/365 insight into your operations! The support documents will help you navigate this valuable tool.

Getting Started

We’ll provide a unique link for your encrypted portal, initial username and password. We offer one-on-one initial training at your convenience, so you can get acquainted with our tools with an expert guide.

Check Messages – Quick Guide

  1. Select the “Messages” icon or the menu on the top bar to see pending or delivered messages. (A Red exclamation point indicates unread messages.) If you have access to multiple sites, select the site you need in the upper right-hand corner drop-down menu.
  2. Select the “Pending” tab for new messages, or the “Delivered” tab for messages already filed.
  3. To view the message, double click on the notepad icon (or you can preview it in the bottom panel of your screen if you click it once or check the box next to it.)
  4. (IMPORTANT) Once a message has been read you must file it or the answering service staff will continue to try to reach you. All filed messages may be viewed again by clicking on the delivered icon.

Support Document

For those who prefer to learn on their own, or who want to share with staff, we created this complete guide so our clients can get the most out of our Intellisite service:

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