Choosing Front Desk

We value your business as our own! Whether you need full-scale support, after-hours triage, or stand-alone voicemail services, we have the experience and dedication to help you focus on what you do best.

Customer service is our primary goal

We focus on training our operators to answer with humanity, balancing friendly service with efficient call handling.  Whether it’s a routine call or an emergency, we develop our talent to think critically and be a positive voice for your organization.

We understand that last-minute changes can happen at any time, and we will always be available to help your business achieve what it needs. Clients may reach our senior staff 24/7 by email or phone.

Dedicated to value

We’ll help you design your services to provide the most bang for your buck! Our customizable plans help you save money and lower your overhead. We partner with you to represent your business with confidence while keeping costs to a minimum. Avoid hiring extra office staff to save thousands of dollars every year in wages, benefits, payroll taxes, and vacation pay.

Experienced and knowledgeable

With almost 50 years in business providing customer service, we bring a breadth of experience across industries while recognizing that every business is different. We are dedicated to learning about our clients’ unique business models to offer the most effective solutions for each individual client.

Rest assured that your account is safe and secure

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to Front Desk. We are fully HIPAA Compliant with secure messaging, encrypted Intellisite portal, and internal policies. We train our operators regularly to make sure we are all up-to-date and security is top-of-mind. 

Rely on us knowing you are in good hands! We have multiple backup systems in place, ensuring we do not lose functionality when the power is out or primary internet fails.

Not sure where to start?

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