24/7 Live Answering Service

Here at Front Desk, we have many solutions for our clients seeking a 24/7 live answering service.

What’s Included?

All of our plans include 24/7 live answering of your calls from a toll-free number we provide to you. We can then dispatch your calls and messages via email, text, fax, or through the IntelliSite system in real time from any computer. All accounts are customizable, allowing you to use custom scripting and instructions detailed to your needs.

Virtual Receptionist

Exceptional customer services, partnered with the latest technology, means we work 24/7/365 to support your business and your clients at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time receptionist. We never take holidays, sick days, or miss work due to inclement weather–meaning you never miss a day.

Call Routing and Transfer

We will partner with you to determine how you would like your calls routed and transferred to you. We understand that some clients or types of calls may be of a more urgent nature and should not wait to be received by your staff.

Call Forwarding

Many customers who reach an automated system at a business will do less business with the company. By choosing Front Desk to answer your phones 24/7/365, callers will be more likely to leave a message and become a new business client.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please see our options for Credit Card or ACH payments.

  • With our Intellisite portal, you can make changes to your instructions, contact information, and on-call schedule any time! Clients may email any changes to frontdesk@myfrontdesk.com. This email is monitored 24/7, ensuring that any changes needed are made quickly. Call us at 800-628-7470 to speak with our support staff directly. We’re always available to help you!

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From our clients

(Front Desk) does an outstanding job handling the after-hours calls for our 5 medical clinics. They always follow protocol, handles our diverse population of patients with respect, and is consistently accurate, prompt and professional when relaying and dealing with CHC’s clinical personnel. On more than one occasion, operators readily stepped up to the plate when local telephone systems failed and we had to rely on BES to answering ALL incoming calls. The staff is friendly and responsive; the service is reliable and complete. Could not be more satisfied!

Debbie (Health Clinic Administrator)
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