Secure Messaging

Our efficient HIPAA encrypted text service is the perfect solution for busy providers. Replies from providers to our agents are FREE!

What’s Included?

Get the details right away with our efficient HIPAA-compliant encrypted text service. Instead of an opaque page that only tells you someone needs you, our secure messaging sends the complete message directly to your device. Mark messages as read so we know you’ve received it. Respond via text for free!

Secure Cloud Access

This secure service also allows web access to your messages, so you can stay in contact even without your device. You can even wipe your device remotely to ensure the privacy of your patients should your phone go missing.

We highly recommend this solution for anyone with sensitive data. This solution also works handily with our encrypted IntelliSite portal, where office staff can monitor messages and responses and access reporting.

Let’s Chat

Your business needs are our concern too. If you have any questions, please contact us today to talk to our reps.

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